Friday, 15 March 2013

Moka - not mocha

Having lived in Balham for five years I had never been drawn into Caffe Moka. Now I live in nearby Furzedown I have finally got around to going, my only regret is not having gone earlier.

This isn't a fancy place but it does what it does well. It's a comfortable local cafe with nice coffee and food and some tempting deals.

We were looking for a coffee and cake, as per usual, and we thought we'd give Moka a go.

It's been a while now so had to check with Mrs Spiller what we ordered, it was a cappucino for me and a white americano for her.

Cakes were banana, chocolate and peanut butter and a toffee and walnut (not sure if that's right, it's been a couple of weeks).

The coffee was strong, not burnt, really good without being exceptional.


The cakes were good too, the banana, choc and peanut butter in particular was very nice.

A couple of eventful moments while we were there: as we arrived, and throughout our stay, there was a table of ladies gossiping about what I thouht was a friend of theirs. It was all quite graphic, tragic and sensational. It was great eaves dropping time. As we left Mrs Spiller commented how the table of ladies had spent the whole time talking about Katie Price, it all makes much more sense now.

There was also an incident where an entire cup of coffee was spilt. The staff were very good at clearing it up and providing a replacement coffee for the unlucky customer.

If you're there on a weekday they've got a cake half price between 2-4.30 on weekdays!

So, the scores...


Hot: 9/13
Aroma: 9/13
Flavour: 9/13
Texture: 9/13
Presentation: 8/13

Service: 9/13
Food: 9/13
Atmosphere: 8/13

Overall 9/13

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