Sunday, 24 March 2013

I heart coffee - it's true

I <3 / heart / love Coffee - I'm never really quite sure what to call this place in Streatham. I usually go for I heart coffee. From a trawl around the web I think most others go for I love coffee. I guess that confusion is part of the problem when you opt for a name which includes a symbol.

Anyway, that's enough about the name, this place is good so let's get down to business.

I've been a few times now, on this trip the order was a flat white, pan au raisin and babycino...

This place gets so many things right, a cherry hello as you come in. Friendly staff take your order. The staff are thoughtful too, they saw baby spiller was probably too young for a china cup, so checked that they should provide a paper cup. They new exactly why I asked for a straw as well and promptly provided one.

The coffee is very good. Nice creamy texture to the milk, hot but not burnt. Intense coffee flavour.

Pan au raisin was good too, although nothing special.

I was a little surprised about the quality of the coffee at this place, the name and exterior didn't really give me a huge amount of confidence. However it had been recommended by a few people, I'm clearly not the only person to have discovered that this place is doing a great coffee - they've been busy every time I've been there.

I'll try and remember to add a 'baby friendly' review for future posts (and might update previous ones). I heart coffee is good for babies I think. Door is relatively easy to get through with pram, plenty of space inside, high chairs available, plenty of comfortable chairs (I would guess good for breastfeeding), baby friendly staff. I didn't see a specific child area and didn't check baby change facilities I'm sorry.


Hot: 10/13
Aroma: 10/13
Flavour: 11/13
Texture: 11/13
Presentation: 9/13

Service: 10/13
Food: 8/13
Atmosphere: 7/13

Overall 10/13

Baby/child friendly 9/13

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