Friday, 10 May 2013

Fisher and Co. nothing fishy here

Fisher and Co. is one of the most recent additions to the burgeoning Tooting cafe scene.

We've been a few times since it opened and have really enjoyed it.

They have secured a great corner location and have made the most of it with big windows so it is a really bright cafe. It is kind of the antithesis of Gravney and Meadow in that respect.

I like the layout inside, not to crowded, particularly around the entrance.

One tricky thing with this place is the heavy doors, it can make it difficult to get in, particularly with a pram. The trick is, if you're trying to get in with a pram to push both doors open till they stay open, you can then stroll in easily. The staff seem pretty aware of the heavy doors and usually rush to help out.

Once inside it is very baby friendly, high chairs available, room for prams and welcoming staff.

There are a variety of food options on offer including daily specials, home made sausage rolls and scotch eggs - I've tried both and they are very tasty.

At times I feel the cafe lacks something, maybe a bit of atmosphere. I also am not sure they've got the food offerings quiet right, I can't really put my finger on it, perhaps it's how it's displayed. I'm really not sure what it is. That said I've enjoyed all my visits.

As an added benefit the coffee is very good and has got better with every visit - hot, good texture, good flavour, an all round solid performer.

The staff have also got better with time, it always takes some time for new places to get the creases ironed out and they're getting there. They are all very welcoming, helpful and enthusiastic.


Hot: 12/13
Aroma: 8/13
Flavour: 9/13
Texture: 9/13
Presentation: 9/13

Service: 11/13
Food: 9/13
Atmosphere: 7/13

Overall 9/13

Baby/child friendly 9/13

You can check out Fisher and CO. on the web:; on Twitter: @FisherandCoSW17 and on Facebook

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