Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gazette - giddy-up

Gazette is more restaurant than cafe so maybe I could have left it off the list but in my new year haste it went on the list and I'm pretty pleased it did.

I've been to Gazette a number of times now and the experience is usually the same. Great food, average service. This visit was no different really.

We went with the intention of having a coffee so I could do the blog. We ended up with beer and dessert wine, cheese and a terrine.

Whoops, we weren't supposed to order this

 Followed by tiramisu, creme brulee... and a cappuccino.

This is what we came for

I like Gazette but the service is annoying. We always get the feeling that the wait staff are rushed off their feet and only just a moment away from forgetting all about us - they never do, but that uncertainty means we can't relax as much as we'd like.

It was difficult to get our cheese order sorted but we got there and it was worth it. We didn't want much cheese and it was great to be able to select exactly what we wanted and how much.

The beer was yum and the glass of dessert wine was huge and delicious.

Anyway down to business. I didn't have high hopes for the coffee but was pleasantly surprised. Actually it was one of the best cappuccinos I've had. Strong flavour without tasting too bitter or burnt with a good strong cap. It probably helped that they served it in a reasonable sized cup.

There's not much more to say about the coffee, it was good.

The tiramisu was brilliant, not your usual style but worth a try.

I love the atmosphere at Gazette, the fit out is great, it's big and can get a bit noisy but that adds to the atmosphere.

They're quite good with kids too which makes it a good place to go if you want something a bit special with the little one in tow, although you have to remember you might need to wait a while.


Hot: 11/13
Aroma: 9/13
Flavour: 10/13
Texture: 10/13
Presentation: 10/13

Service: 6/13
Food: 12/13

Atmosphere: 12/13

Overall 10/13

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