Saturday, 22 September 2012

Milk - Take 2

We went to Milk in Balham in the first week that it opened and it was awful. The coffee had no kick whatsoever and the cake was inedible. We did vow however that we would come back to give it a second chance, particularly as the breakfast, and the hash browns in particular, looked good.

We eventually did get back there, and I'm very pleased to report it was great.

Flat white was delicious, really very good.

They have a small selection of smoothies, served in old milk bottles. I love the fact that these are served in milk bottles and it was yum too, it is a proper home style smoothie.

The highlight though was the hash browns, they were worth coming back for. The eggs bene was good too. I've had better but this was very good.

The other thing that is great about Milk is that it has a good number of seats outside on Hildreth St. Sometimes I wish Hildreth St had more eateries with seating on the street, I think it would have a great atmosphere.

Truth be told, since we visited for take 2 we've been back for take 3, and take 4. Each time we've ordered extra has browns, and each time it's been great.

So that's that, I can now provide scores which reflect the quality of this place.


Hot: 9/13
Aroma: 10/13
Flavour: 11/13
Texture: 11/13
Presentation: 11/13

Service: 11/13
Food: 11/13

Atmosphere: 11/13

Overall 11/13

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